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What Should I Wear for my Newborn Session?

A common question I find that clients often ask me as a newborn photographer is, “What should I wear for my newborn session?”


The very simple answer to this is neutrals! 


I typically tell my clients they can’t go wrong with shades of white, cream, taupe and gray. Those tones just go well with the aesthetic of my overall work and the decor in my studio, as well as most in-home shoots.


Neutrals are less distracting in the images and keep the focus on the subjects. Neutrals are timeless so even as your home aesthetic and decor changes over the years, your framed photos will stand the test of time. 


That said, I do love subtle tones of rose, blues and greens as well. Adding a pop of color here and there in your outfits can be really beautiful.


While solid colors are great, a subtle pattern, stripes, or florals can also be flattering as long as it’s not overdone in everyone’s outfits. 


After we discuss outfit colors, new moms will ask me what pieces are best to dress their postpartum bodies for photos. This is a time when you should be proud of what your body has done for you, your baby, and your family so you should focus on whatever makes you feel most comfortable and put together. 


It is time to honor that recovery time by wearing what makes you feel beautiful! Some pieces that work great for my clients to feel and look their best are loose fitting flowy dresses with short or long sleeves or a cozy sweater


For mom’s partner, I like a solid or subtle striped button up or polo shirt with khakis or jeans. 


For older siblings, button-up shirts, polo shirts or cute dresses work well (for more on how I work with siblings during newborn shoots, make sure you check out this blog post).


I hope this helps you to decide what to wear for your newborn photo shoot! I have also created Pinterest boards with ideas for color schemes and outfits that work well to help you plan your newborn shoot ensemble.


If you’re looking to book your newborn session and live in the Boston or South Shore area of Massachusetts, make sure you get in touch with me! And for more of the questions you should ask your newborn photographer click here.

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