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Timeless Newborn Photography in Massachusetts

Timeless newborn photography in Massachusetts, well that’s usually images of swaddled, cozy, and darling newborns. Take a look at these images from my Boston newborn photography studio and see what makes the resulting photos a perfect keepsake.

Simple sophistication

Not too many props and no bold embellishments, this newborn photoshoot let this sweet baby take the focus.

Slight changes in scenery

While I adore beauty in its simple form, we gave this set of newborn photos some refreshing variety with straightforward changes in scenery. From a creamy background, that also serves as this newborn’s setting for a nap, to faux wool and a cradle-like prop for baby to rest in, the transitions create a cohesive collection. Nothing starkly different, but still inviting to the adoring eye. And I think we can all say we adore newborn photos like these.

Mom, dad and a bundle of joy

While many of the parents that come to my session enjoy the time to just watch the newborn photoshoot, I often invite them to join in for some photos too. Individually, and then together as a couple to see what this family looks like with their addition (and siblings too if you’d like).

Swaddled for safekeeping

We’re often able to keep baby warm with a secure swaddle. It makes for beautiful photos, and a soothed baby.

Headbands to carefully tie it together

I’m not sure if you noticed, but some of the headbands are cut from a cloth similar to the swaddles and props. It softly brings it together in a lovely, subtle way.

Advice when finding services for newborn photography in Massachusetts

There is a wide range of photography types and options when it comes to newborn photography. From lifestyle images of the family at home with the baby to in-studio photos like this, make sure to first find a newborn photographer whose style you adore. From there, look into their reviews, learn about their approach, and make sure it’s a good fit.

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