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I see you. I see the delicate balance of motherhood, friendship and personal pursuits. I do the same thing in my own life. At the end of the day, when I show you the photos we take and see a reaction with emotion — a tear, a smile, a sigh of relief — that’s what I am here for. I love that my career as a Boston photographer helps moms remember that their lives deserve to be beautifully documented — moments both significant and in between.
As we get to know each other, you’ll notice that I care first and foremost about welcoming you with kindness and warmth that makes you feel at ease so your photos feel more personal. I’m also trusted for the level of perfectionism I bring to my photographic work — I have an eye for the little details that will make your photos really come together, the way that every mom, woman and individual hopes for.

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it’s the calm, stress-free experience that has clients becoming lifelong friends.

While my specialty is high-end, hand-edited photos with a classically modern look, 

My career started with a bachelor’s degree in sports studies, starting with work as a producer at a local radio station, followed by teaching at a preschool and then becoming a mom. I turned to photography to have something for me, and instead, it became something for moms like myself — helping them create memories they’ll be beyond grateful for when the kids are older and life looks a little different.

Photography will always be a creative outlet for me, but it’s become so much more than that. The photos I take, and the time I spend with families, creates emotions and memories that inspire me and make this small community a more warm and connected place. I feel honored to work full time as a Boston photographer.

As for the personal side of things, I grew up in a small beach town on the south shore of Massachusetts. I rarely sit still, unless I’m engrossed in a book. I’m known for setting my mind on something and making it happen; there’s always something on the horizon that I'm working towards.

I certainly have some Monica Geller tendencies — keeping my house clean feels like a battle with my 4 kids on one side, and my vacuum on the other while I referee to make sure the children and house are taken care of. You could say that my life is balanced between motherhood, photography and entrepreneurship. But of course, my husband and I always make it a point to have a date night every other Saturday night, and I’m lucky to have a close group of girl friends that I've known since elementary school.

I’ve become the go-to for moms that want elegance & emotion in their photos.

Boston Photographer + Mom of 4


She is the most perfect addition to our family and brought so much joy in such a trying time during the pandemic. Our older children adore her. She is a determined and very busy toddler with a head full of unruly curly hair that suits her personality perfectly!

We adopted our 4th child in August 2020.

Being in front of the camera taught me a lot about how I want my clients to feel behind the camera.

I used to live in NYC and modeled for Nike.

Further Details from My Life