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How to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Shoot

When your little one is born, there is so much you are learning, even if you’ve done this before. So when you want to capture that adorable face with a newborn photo shoot, it can be a little overwhelming to make sure you have everything just right. But that’s where I can help! Keep reading to find out how to prepare for your newborn photo shoot, tips from a professional newborn photographer.


Try to keep Baby Awake for an Hour before the Session

If you want those priceless sleepy shots, it’s best to keep your newborn awake for at least an hour before your session so when they get here, they will be more likely to drift off to dreamland.

Give Baby a Sponge Bath in the Morning

To give baby that fresh look, make sure to give them a sponge bath about an hour before the shoot. That way baby will be clean, but it will also keep them awake and tire them out so they’ll feel sleepy when they get to the studio. 


Feed them right before Leaving your House

If you feed your baby right before you leave the house, this will ensure they don’t get overly hungry and fussy during your newborn shoot. 


Dress baby in Something that Zips or Snaps in the Front

This will make it easy for me to change your baby when you get to the studio, without rustling them too much.

Leave Baby in the Car Seat when you Arrive at the Studio

Usually babies fall asleep in the car because the seat keeps them calm and warm. Leave them in the car seat when you arrive so they don’t wake up. 


The Studio is Warm so Dress in Layers

I always keep the studio warm to ensure baby is comfortable, so make sure you dress accordingly so as to not get overheated.

Bring Snacks and a Book or iPad … or you can even take a Nap in Studio

It is so important to me that you feel welcome and comfortable in the studio, and I know how taxing life can be with a new baby. So feel free to make yourself at home while I do the work!


Bring Extra Make-up, Hairbrush, etc. 

When we take those family photos, you’re going to want to look your best. So bring a touch-up kit with extra makeup, a hairbrush and hairspray for those flyaways, and anything else you feel you may need to look camera-ready.

Bring a Pacifier for use during the Session

The pacifier is an extremely important tool that I use to keep baby soothed and sleeping if they start to wake up or fuss in between set-ups and posing, so don’t leave home without that binky!


Bring Extra Formula or Pumped Breast Milk for Baby

While I do advise families to feed their newborns before the shoot, you should always bring extra formula or pumped breast milk for your baby to keep them from getting fussy.

Bring only the People that will be Photographed

I love photographing the whole family, but bringing extra people into the studio can create confusion for the shoot. When you come in, please just bring those who will be in the photos along for the ride.


It is Helpful to have Someone to take the Older Sibling out during Baby’s Portion of the Shoot

If you have another child, having either parent entertain them outside of the studio can be a big help. Not only does it keep them happy, it keeps baby calm and allows me to focus on my work so I know I’m doing my best to take the photos you will love for years to come.


Sit Back and Relax while I Work

Life with a newborn can be hectic, but your newborn photo shoot doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips I’ve laid out to prepare for your newborn studio session and then let me take it from there! You can just relax while I capture what is sure to become some of your favorite memories on camera!



Have these tips helped you to prepare for your studio newborn photo session? Now that you are ready for your newborn photo shoot, you can view more examples of my newborn photography in Massachusetts and then click here when you are ready to book your newborn session!

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