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November 18, 2022

Newborn Photoshoot Ideas: Cute, Yet Classic

As a mom and Boston newborn photographer, I’ve seen countless newborn photoshoot ideas and now I’ve compiled the cutest, yet most classic newborn photo ideas for your family.

Newborn Photo Ideas With Family

I recommend taking some of the following photos with your newborn:

  1. Just mom and newborn
  2. With parents
  3. With siblings
  4. With the full family

Mom And Newborn Photo Ideas

Here are some poses to try for your mom and newborn photos:

  1. Smiling looking down at baby in your arms (or kissing baby’s head)
  2. Cradling baby with their face towards the camera, and mom smiling at the camera
  3. Baby on your shoulders
  4. Nose to nose
  5. Snuggling baby with both of you tucked in a blanket
  6. Just baby, but with mom’s hands holding baby’s hands (one of my favorites)

Boston newborn photography with just mom and baby
Boston newborn photography with just mom and baby

Newborn Photography Ideas With Parents

  1. Standing together, holding baby between you
  2. Mom or dad holding baby, with the other parent at their side smiling down
  3. Mom holding baby with dad kissing mom’s cheek
  4. Mom holding baby with dad kissing top of baby’s head
  5. Just dad and baby

Boston newborn photography with parents holding swaddled baby
Dad in white shirt holds swaddled newborn and smiles down at the baby
Dad holds swaddled newborn, kissing him on cheek

Newborn Photo Ideas With Siblings

  1. Oldest sibling sitting with baby in arms, with other siblings side by side smiling at the camera
  2. One sibling lying down next to baby looking up at the camera, smiling (great for other littles)
  3. Overhead shot of siblings cradling baby in their lap, laughing and giggling
  4. Two siblings kissing the newborn between them

Ideas For Newborn Photo Props

I’m not one for adding materials or gimmicks to a newborn photoshoot just for kicks, but rather, when I refer to props, it’s the simple cradle or basket that frames the image — adding context, and not cliches. You’ll rarely see more than one prop in an image, beyond perhaps a small headband for baby, or the swaddle or blanket baby is wearing to keep warm.

Newborn swaddled in a stone blue blanket sleeping in a basket
Newborn swaddled in white with a cozy blanket as a pillow

Newborn Photoshoot Positions

These are the positions I typically capture in every Boston newborn photoshoot, and in this order too. This workflow is magical because we get the baby to sleep, try the most unique poses while baby is snoozing, and then end the session with siblings and parents who are ready to hold the newborn, and get ready to go home.

Swaddled on a simple backdrop

Blush pink newborn photo in Boston

3-5 poses

Top-down in a tight swaddle

Simple poses with props like baskets and headbands

Sibling photos with newborn

Newborn with parents photography

More newborn photography ideas

Love the classic simplicity of these newborn photoshoot ideas? See more examples of my timeless newborn photography in Massachusetts and view newborn photography packages if you’re nearby!

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