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A Checklist Of What To Bring For Your Newborn Session

“What do I need to bring to my newborn session?” 

boston newborn photographer

As a newborn photographer, I get asked this question daily. 

The simple answer is … just bring the baby!

boston newborn photographer
boston newborn photographer

I have everything at my studio like sweet swaddle blankets, adorable hats, tiny headbands and cute little outfits for your newborn. The studio is also stocked with diapers, wipes, and burp cloths. 

I make sure that we have plenty of snacks and drinks in the fridge so that no one in the family (even your other littles) will be “hangry” in your photos. 

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What To Bring For Your Newborn Session

However, there are a few items to add to your diaper bag that we’ll need for the shoot. Here is a checklist of what to bring for your newborn session. 

What To Bring For Your Newborn Session

1. A Soothie Pacifier 

I gave this advice when I shared how you can prepare for your newborn shoot, but I use a pacifier for every newborn session to help soothe babies back to sleep. When I mention this during our shoot planning conversations, many parents will tell me that their babies don’t like a pacifier. But I will say that even if you haven’t used it in the past, it will make all the difference in keeping your newborn calm during the shoot.

boston newborn photographer

2. One to Two Bottles of Pumped Breast Milk or Formula 

For efficiency, having a bottle on hand can be very helpful to soothe baby back to sleep while posing versus stopping the session for a full feeding if you’re nursing. Even just a few sips can sometimes be all that’s needed before your baby will head back to slumber! 

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3. Any Special Outfit or Item that you would like Included in your Newborn Photos

Not everyone has something specific they want featured in their shoot, but if you do, please remember to bring it on picture day. This can be anything from a cute knit outfit you want your baby to wear, to a family heirloom, to a favorite lovey. If it’s important to you, it is important for the shoot!

That’s all you need for baby!

southshore newborn photographer

As for what you should bring for yourself, you may want to have extra snacks or drinks on hand, a book or tablet, and a hairbrush and makeup to touch up your look before I start snapping. 

And of course, you’ll want to bring your outfit for family portraits! 

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Speaking of outfits – I’ll be sharing some inspiration and advice on what to wear during your session in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for that. 

If this seems like a lot to remember, I have you covered! When you book your session with me I will send along some detailed pre-session instructions and prep information so you will feel 100% ready on photo day. 

boston newborn photographer

Now that you have a checklist of what to bring for your newborn session, make sure you check out my shoot packages. Then get in touch with me so we can chat about your baby’s session!  

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