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2024 Goals


Tiny toes, little yawns, and the sweetest smiles in the world – welcoming newborns into this world by photographing their first moments has been my passion for 12 years. Now, as we leave behind 2023, I feel a familiar rush of excitement brewing. This year, I’m embracing new 2024 goals to capture their magic even more beautifully.


Simplify Props in Newborn Photos

This year, I’m throwing out the rulebook (along with some unnecessary props) and embracing the less-is-more magic in newborn photography. 2024 is all about capturing the unfiltered wonder of those first precious weeks, stripping away distractions and letting the raw beauty of little humans shine through. It’s a daring experiment, a decluttering of the lens, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in this uncluttered canvas of newborn dreams.


Stick to a Mostly Neutral Color Palette

As the new year paints the world in fresh hues, I’m trading vibrant palettes for a mostly neutral one in my newborn photography. This might seem monochromatic, but I believe it’s in the absence of color that the true vibrancy of life emerges, like a newborn’s first yawn against a moonlit nursery wall. Give me all the clean, white and bright images!


Putting my new LED Light to Good Use

My photography kit just got a luminous upgrade in the form of my brand-new LED light. This isn’t just a technical investment; it’s a creative playground of endless possibilities. Forget harsh studio flashes – this year, I’m painting with light, whispering stories of warmth and innocence through its subtle embrace.


Upgrading my Offers

In 2024, I’m not just photographing newborn dreams, I’m crafting heirloom products that my families will cherish for years to come. Forget fleeting digital files; this year, I’m elevating my newborn photography into a high-end luxury brand. It’s not just about capturing the first breath, it’s about preserving it, gifting it, letting it echo through the years. This is more than photography; it’s a legacy etched in light and love, an ode to the most precious beginnings – and that’s the luxury I will proudly create in 2024.


Update my Website with New Images and Content

My website is getting a 2024 glow-up! I’m embarking on a mission to refresh my online haven with the magic of newborn photography. Picture galleries will bloom with the sweetest smiles captured in soft, ethereal light. My website and blog will be a curated space of genuine wonder, a testament to the miracle of life captured in its most perfect form.


Trying more Relaxed Posing and Incorporating more Family Images

This year, I’m trading posed perfection for genuine connections. My 2024 lens is zooming in on the quiet conversations between families, a mother’s gaze on her newborn, the spontaneous giggles erupting during an outdoor tickle fight. I’m letting go of the pressure for forced smiles and staged moments, and instead, weaving stories of laughter and unfiltered joy. It’s a revolution against rigidity, a gentle nudge towards embracing the messy, unscripted beauty of real life. Because sometimes, the most breathtaking smiles are the ones we don’t see coming, and the deepest connections aren’t posed.


More In-Home Lifestyle Sessions

This year, I’m looking to capture more of the vibrant chaos of in-home newborn sessions. In these sanctums, where stories unfold from worn armchairs and well-worn rugs, I’m embracing the real, the raw, the utterly honest beauty of new parenthood in its unchoreographed grace.


Improved Communication and Fostering Friendships with Clients

I know how important it is for my clients to feel included in their shoot plan so this year I’m going to work on communicating more with my families. I’ll ditch the dry timelines and updates, instead crafting personalized narratives that weave anticipation, excitement, and the quiet joy of the journey. Pre-session chats will become coffee dates, and post-delivery emails will be heartfelt thank-you notes, brimming with the gratitude I feel for being invited into their intimate world. Because in 2024, it’s not just about capturing newborn perfection, it’s about treasuring the relationships that make those perfect moments possible. Trust me, those friendships are the most beautiful portraits of all.


Staying True to Myself and My Brand

In 2024 I’m embracing a sacred vow: To stay true to myself and my brand. It’s a commitment that whispers “no” to cookie-cutter trends and yes to the needs of my artistic soul. I’ll turn down projects that don’t resonate. It’s a daring path, paved with potential missed opportunities and raised eyebrows. But here’s the secret: My brand thrives on honesty. In 2024, I’m not just photographing newborns, I’m capturing the essence of my own artistic journey, one tiny cheek at a time. And that, my friends, is a masterpiece worth saying yes to.


In 2023 my newborn photography business soared to new heights, and the gratitude weighs heavy in the sweetest way. As 2024 beckons, a blank canvas is primed with possibilities, and I can’t wait to fill it with even more magic, one swaddled masterpiece at a time.

If you are expecting, get in touch now to schedule your 2024 newborn session. I would love to be a part of capturing special memories with your family!

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