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Senior Pictures: Outfits, Ideas & Advice for 2022

What to wear, when to take your photos and where to go — that’s the start of the advice I’m sharing for your 2022 senior pictures.

Where should I take my senior photos?

The location will make your senior pictures stand out. From the feel to how you look, and the way your outfits blend into the scenery (or not), it’s an essential part.

I usually say to go for a location that feels like you. City, beach, farm, field, park? What would line up with your personality?

If you have a location in mind, definitely tell your photographer! Most will have quite a few up their sleeve that they can recommend based on your tastes.

Boston senior picture in front of water, wearing a maroon dress

What to wear for senior pictures in 2022?

Pinterest is the first place I head to for this question. From brands you admire to trends that define your high school (or college) years, don’t be afraid to do something a little more bold, and a little more you.

Flowy dresses, gorgeous denim jeans, statement shoes — you get the picture. Don’t forget accessories too — hats, heels, handbags and some jewelry too. Don’t stray too far from your usual style.

How long do they take?

Schedule your senior pictures when you have a good 2-3 hour block of time free. Most sessions are about an hour depending on the locations and how many outfits you wear, but you’ll need time to get there!

How to pose for senior photos

Your photographer should guide you on this! If you want super free-spirited, candid photos, find a photographer whose Instagram feed looks like that. Or if you need a little more posing, but that still looks natural, that’s how most photographers (including myself) like to handle directing their subjects.

I’ll usually take the first few minutes to get to know you, asking if you play any sports and learning more about what you like to do. I’ll invite you to turn a certain way, or place your hand there as you get comfortable in front of the camera. If needed, I’ll keep guiding you with those simple prompts, or we’ll go with the flow exploring the location we decided on.

Bring your horse for bonus points, but make sure to plan that with me ahead of time! I love senior pictures with horses.

How to feel comfortable in front of the camera

If you’re not the kind of senior who can work the camera like a model, and trust me, I would never expect that, there are a few ways you can prep for your senior photos to show up like you’ve spent years in front of the lens.

  1. Look through photos you’ve taken in the past, even if it’s through the camera feed on your phone. What did you love about them? What were you thinking about in that moment that made you glow?
  2. Study yourself in the mirror (or in pictures). Do you have a good side, or angles you don’t prefer?
  3. Which outfits have you worn in the past that made you feel unstoppable? Do you have something like that for your senior pictures that you can wear?
  4. What are your best qualities, and how can we bring that out?

Parting advice for senior pictures

Think about what you want to be known for. Are you bubbly or more grounded? Are you on the serious side, or someone who can’t help but laugh if you’re with the right people? That’s the person I want to capture, and that’s the personality your senior pictures should reflect.

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