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Baby Milestones: Capturing the First Year in Photos

As a mom, I know that the first year of a baby’s life is a time of incredible growth and change. 


From their first smile to their first steps, each milestone is a precious moment to be captured and cherished. 

As a newborn photographer, I also know how important it is to capture the first year in photos, something I love doing for my families.


But why capture baby milestones?

There are many reasons why capturing baby milestones is so important. First and foremost, it’s a way to preserve these precious memories for years to come. As parents, we know how quickly time flies (my “littles” are now 3, 10, 13 and 16!), and soon enough these special moments will be just a distant memory.


But capturing the first year in photos, those baby milestones, is more than just about preserving memories. It’s also a way to celebrate your child’s development and growth over time. By taking photos of baby at each milestone, you can create a beautiful record of their first year.


What baby milestones should I capture?

There are many different baby milestones that you can capture and you’re definitely going to want to have that camera out all the time. But when it comes to portraits, I suggest three key moments in baby’s first year. 

The Newborn Session

The first few days of a baby’s life are a special time and probably my most popular session that my families book. It is usually scheduled two to three weeks after baby is born. This session captures your sleeping newborn and their tiny, delicate features, as well as their budding personality. 


Newborn sessions can take place in my studio south of Boston for more formal images, or I can come to your home and take lifestyle pictures of baby and the rest of the family.

The Sitter Session

While the newborn session and the first birthday session (which you’ll read about below) are probably what you think of first when you consider having portraits taken of baby, don’t forget to capture them at some point between the six to nine month mark.


As I mentioned, babies change a lot in the first year and it’s at this point that they have really started smiling, laughing and sitting up, but they aren’t yet on the move. Babies are playful and really starting to show those adorable little personalities which is why you should consider a sitter session. This shoot can be done in studio or outside in warmer months.

First Birthday Session

At one year old, most babies are walking and talking. With their first birthday session you can immortalize those first steps, first words, or even celebrating their birthday. These sessions can be done in studio or outdoors in the warmer months. 


I love doing these shoots because they can include a simple cake smash with balloons if you’d like! 


You can have all of these moments captured with my most popular package, Baby’s First Year Bundle which includes a newborn session around two weeks old, a sitter session between six and nine months and a first birthday session.

Capturing baby milestones on camera is a wonderful way to preserve precious memories and to track your child’s development. While newborns are my favorite, of course, I love watching all “my babies” grow throughout the first year! 

Get in touch with me to schedule your baby’s first year of photos!

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