Of all the things I do, the one thing that clears my head the most is when I’m with my horse. I relate it to tunnel vision. The distractions disappear and all I can focus on is that very moment with just my horse and I. It’s that experience — the undeniable bond between horse and rider, the passion and the trust — that is why I started offering horse and rider photography.

My goal is to honestly capture the relationship between you and your horse. The way you ride together, the way you take care of him and how you can’t help but feel at ease when it’s just you, your horse and a trail ahead of you. I’ll come to you and we’ll capture the bond you share.

The photos and process you can count on for your horse and rider photoshoot


How to plan for your horse and rider photoshoot

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Meeting you and learning about you and your horse is such a sweet part of the process for me. I want to know why you’re interested in horse and rider photography, and make sure we’re a good fit.

Send me a message, and tell me about your horse.

We’ll pick a date, time and location (typically where your horse stable is) for your photoshoot. I use a simple contract and service retainer to get you on my calendar so we can both start looking forward to it all!

Schedule your session.

If you’re used to going to shows with your horse, then you’ll know the run-down. If not, I’ll send you some steps to prepare your horse so there’s no pent-up energy during the shoot.

Prep your horse.

During the session, I like to take photos of you and your horse face to face, walking together and at the end of the session, riding. We’ll usually need a helper for things like turning the horse’s ears forward (one of those little things that makes a big difference).

Let’s take those photos.

Emotions are often self-evident in horse and rider portraits, and you’ll see it for yourself too when I deliver the final edited photos.

Enjoy photos that not all horse riders get the chance to have.

“Stephanie is the best and is so talented with her photography but also so patient and sweet!!”

sarah f.



“Outstanding work and Stephanie is simply amazing! Her work is stunning and timeless!”

Julie W.




the b. family and george


Gena and Harry


michaela and paisan


ava and harry

photos that show the bond

Horse and rider photography that gets as close as you can to conveying the bond that no one else can quite understand.

b. family & george

Middleboro, Massachusetts

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gena & Harry

Middleboro, Massachusetts

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Michaela & Paisan

Middleboro, Massachusetts

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ava and harry

Middleboro, Massachusetts

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While I love my kids, my horse is like another kid to me. If I didn’t have photos of him (beyond our selfies), I don’t know what I would do. If you feel the same way about your horse, I would love to work with you.

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